Tuesday, 27 June 2017

How I did it: Blood Bowl Human Team

"Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships"
-Bear Bryant

   I've always loved american football and always watched at Blood Bowl with curiosity and interest. I thought that it was a funny game, something to play while having a break from fantasy or 40k, although all GW's universes are someway filled with "dark humor". 
   As a matter of fact I didn't know absolutely anything about that; for Blood Bowl has a tactical depth I've rarely seen before and this surprise pushed me hard to get in this fantastic game. However I decided to take Blood Bowl as a funny break from AoS and 40k in any case. I bought the starter set and shared it with a friend of mine, picking humans on my own, but just after painting them I switched to goblins. I love goblins (I've got a huge army of them in AoS) and I wanted to play BB really for fun and personal (modeling and gaming) amusement.

   I painted humans, my Talisa's Revenants, according to my Stormcast Eternals color scheme. I know it's a different setting but I already moved (both in my mind and in reality, changing bases and background) all my fantasy armies to Age of Sigmar and so I decided to set in it my Blood Bowl teams as well.