Tuesday, 27 June 2017

How I did it: Blood Bowl Human Team

"Offense sells tickets, but defense wins championships"
-Bear Bryant

   I've always loved american football and always watched at Blood Bowl with curiosity and interest. I thought that it was a funny game, something to play while having a break from fantasy or 40k, although all GW's universes are someway filled with "dark humor". 
   As a matter of fact I didn't know absolutely anything about that; for Blood Bowl has a tactical depth I've rarely seen before and this surprise pushed me hard to get in this fantastic game. However I decided to take Blood Bowl as a funny break from AoS and 40k in any case. I bought the starter set and shared it with a friend of mine, picking humans on my own, but just after painting them I switched to goblins. I love goblins (I've got a huge army of them in AoS) and I wanted to play BB really for fun and personal (modeling and gaming) amusement.

   I painted humans, my Talisa's Revenants, according to my Stormcast Eternals color scheme. I know it's a different setting but I already moved (both in my mind and in reality, changing bases and background) all my fantasy armies to Age of Sigmar and so I decided to set in it my Blood Bowl teams as well.

   Let's see how I painted them.

   Basecoat all the players in Rhinox Hide.

   1) Heavy Steel Legion Drab drybrush on the balls. Just semi-dry, for you need a good cover.
   2) Use the same color to weather the leather.

   1)  Add a super-dry Wild Rider on the balls.
   2)  And Karak Stone to the leather (dry)

   Then with Rakarth Flesh paint all the strings, both the player's ones and the ball's ones.

   1) Paint the skin with 2 coats (using a good amount of water is mandatory) of Kislev Flesh.
   2) Coat with Leadbelcher all the parts you want in metal.

   Using Khorne Red add a solid coat on gloves and shoes.

   Wash all over with 50% Reikland Flesh and 50% Lahmian Medium. 

   Cover the carapace armour with Sotek Green.

   ...and wash it with Drakenhof Nightshade, pure.
   At this point I refer you to my full SCE tutorial to deepen armors and for basing them.

   Thanks for reading this brief update of my hobby, I really hope you liked it or found it useful!
   To the next time and happy painting!

   Final models:

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