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How i did it: Ironjawz Megaboss

-Five horses, five men. More than i like killing on a empty stomach.
Sandor "The Hound" Clegane

   Some of you may think that Marnaldur Gaze of Mork is my favourite model in my Ironjawz army, and this is quite the truth, since him gave me big deals both in making and gaming. Alas in the majority of the matches i played, just the pure dread he's able to instill in the enemy forced my opponents to focus him since the very first turn. So i learned to use, and love, another boss as well, that i named Krugga Pig-arm. Smaller than Marn but really deadly, many warriors paid with their very lives, understimating him; and the model is striking.

PART 1. Skin.
   Skin in making orcs is the most important thing, always keep it in mind. You have to spend the majority of time and attention on it, because those greens will give life to your models, lighting them and offering you a good chance to exploit it in backgrounds and stuff.
   After a solid primer with black (this is going to be armour's main color so be sure to have good yield for it)

   Basecoat with WAAAGH! Flesh from citadel (a common dark green color could be ok if you don't use or like GW's paints.)

   Put a second basecoat with Warboss Green, a lighter tone of green.

   Wash with Biel-tan Green; do not use too much but be sure to cover all the skin.

   Layer with Warboss Green again: in this step you're going to create the shades of your skin, so use water mix with your chosen green and carefully paint avoiding all the recesses.

   Highlight with Skarsnik Green and Nurgling Green. The first one on all the edges and raised areas indulging on the forehead; second one just on the face's raised areas, such as the brows, lips, ecc.

NOTE: i suggest to make the highlight for the skin right after you have finished all the rest, or at least in a final stage fully dedicated to hifglights.

PART 2. Chipping the Armour.

   Fastest way to have chipping effect on a black armour is to use foam.

   Dip the small piece of foam in metal color (i used Leadbelcher from Citadel), wipe it from the color in excess and start to tap gently on the armour, indulging more on edges. (try on your hands or some testing model before)

PART 3. Bones.

   Basecoat bones with a mix of lighter and darker tones of bone-color (cream, and light brown could be good, i used Ushabti Bone and Zandri Dust)

   Wash with Agrax Earthshade. Make a second hand if you want a more worn out yield.

   Start layer with the same color used before the wash, avoiding (or press on depending if you want the edges burnt-blackened or lighter-levigate).

   Working with shades in multiple hands in brown and black to create the blackened effect on the horns.

   Reprise layer and highlight with Screaming Skull (light cream color) and Pallid Wych Flesh (almost-white tone)

PART 4. Red Wood and Leather.

    Base with a good red and a light beige, i used Mephiston Red and Rakarth Flesh.

   Wash with Agrax. (dark brown wash)

   Re-base some of the straps with Rakarth and drybrush the red wood with the first color you used. Then drybrush again with a lighter tone of red, but similar: Astorath Red in my case.

   Add highlights with Pallid Wych Flesh (almost-white color) on the edges of every straps and with orange color (i used Jokaero Orange) on the wood intersections and raised areas.

PART 5. Weapons.

   Coat with Leadbelcher (or an average metal) the axe.

   Proceed with a good wash of black shade.

   Drybrush with silver.

   Highlight with a brilliant silver on the edge.

PART 6. Details.

   You have plenty of details on the models. Examples is claws, that i painted in beige (Balor Brown for me) and armour scraps (i used differet metal colors for them, such as dark gold and metal). Wash with brown and:

-Drybrush in silver for the scraps
-Highlight in light brown for the claws.

   I used red (mephston) to paint eyes, than a dark orange wash such Fuegan Orange, and reprise them with lighter red, in my case Evil Sun Scarlet. Tongue is made wth red-wash-red again, and teeth have few more steps, as follow:

-Base with light brown
-Wash with dark brown

Layer with:
-Light Brown
-Almost-white color.

   The surface covered has to be less after every steps.

PART 7. Base.

  Paint the circle in brown, Steel Legion Drab for me.
  Drybrush with:

-Light Brown
-Something lighter, such as white, but in a very small amount.

     The final model:

   Thanks for reading!

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