Thursday, 13 July 2017

How I did it: Blood Bowl Troll

   - I don't do High Fives.

   A goblin team needs a Troll. Fact. Goblins are weak, and break easily, so a big boy on the line of scrimmage helps a lot, making almost possible to finish a game without 9-8 KOs or so. Not winning a game, for sure, but maybe holding enough to score a TD (that is, believe me, one of the most satisfying things a man can experience, since goblins are not for competitive play) (currently I scored just one in my whole career with them, and I'm feeling so accomplished!).
   Not for competitive play, absolutely; but for fun. A lot of fun; and a Troll makes its own part in the process... you can try to score a one-turn TD throwing the goblin holding the ball, directly over other team's players, straight to their end zone. Of course, you have to be lucky, the Troll can always simply eat the goblin, spitting out the ball... ah, it's so hard to hang fire when you've got a tasty greenling so close to the mouth, who could say otherwise?

   As you know, if you have read something around from this blog, I am a real fan of greenskins so, when GW made the Blood Bowl Troll model I fell in love; and this time I've decided to use lighter tones for the skins, something I felt would be better fitting on a river-drooling beast with a dead instead of the brain (it's not related, isn't it?).
   Let's see how!

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Showcase Me!: Blood Bowl Human and Goblin Teams

   Hi folks! 
   Today, and during these weeks, I'm very busy with my main job (I'm running a restaurant on the hills of Tuscany so, you know, in July, with a lot of sun, it means a lot of customers) so I'm posting just a brief showcase for my Blood Bowl teams; just to let the world know I'm not dead and my BB project goes on! Soon we'll have a goblin tutorial and a troll tutorial but for now, behold!
   I present you Talisa's Revenants, and Rotten Wood's Manglers!