Thursday, 1 September 2016

Point of RE-View: White Dwarf September 2016

Hi there friends! The wait is finally over and I have my first NEW ERA monthly White Dwarf magazine in my hands... and it looks absolutely fantastic, both outside and inside! Free gift, new features, old classicals, all the regulars; let's take an in-depth look inside!

First of all I'm reallly amazed by the huge amount of stuff you've got in this issue, it is something like a Visions and an old White Dwarf (both monthly and weekly era) merged in a new, 148 pages long attractive way; indeed displays and layouts are very effective.

Free gift included! A wonderful Slaughterpriest from AoS Khorne Bloodbound! I collect, at the moment, Ironjawz for my Age of Sigmar project but I often find myself admiring the Slaugtherpriest 's details wondering how to pant it. Undoubtedly it's a beautiful miniature and for me this one is a veeery welcome present, especially for the (only) 8 euros, for continental europe, on the cover!

Contents, as said before, are massive and a LOT! Let's see some of them in detail.

In "Planet Warhammer" feature you'll see all the new stuff, products and realeses from GW and Black Library.

One of the best pages is "A Tale of Four Warlords": a classic returns, and it can evolve in something very funny all over the months!

Aaahh..! Now we begin with the hot spots. One of them is the "Army of the Month" feature that all of you are familiar with... but this time it's so much better than the previous page seen on the Visions in the last year(s). Fantastic pictures as usual of course, but with a lot more stuff, backgrounds and interviews among them!

Than we have a massive new rules-WD exclusives for NINE different boxed games! I post some pics including Grombrindal's profiles from AoS and Silver Tower.

A new page of content about artworks and illustrations, called "Illuminations" that featured in this issue the Deathwatch!

Battle Report. Yes. I mean Battle Report. That's the best page for me, and I missed it so much in the last years... I had some precious good time yesterday reading every single words of this 14-pages long Stormcast vs Bloodbound massive struggle, and I can't wait to see the next one (seems to be Deathwatch against Nids!!).

Another new page seems to be a background section, very detailed, this month featuring Imperial Knights.

Last magazine's page shows as usual the hints for the next issue:

Final thoughts: this new monthly issue appears to be that thing many of us missed in the WD weekly era. Format and layout are very effective, all the regulars are included ('eavy metal, blanchitsu, paint splatter ecc ecc) and the new (or classical revamp) features such as the battle report and the army of the month (with something written finally!) are really enjoyable.

I don't mean the weekly magazines weren't good, I love them and I have almost any issues in my collection, but a monthly one is an event, a huge 150 pages long book you can read all over 30 days waiting for the next one.

Great value and amazing start for the WD of the new-era!

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