Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Leaving the Chamber: Trophy for Wracks at Grog '17!

   Hello friends, this post is about my recent partecipation in the XXXI edition of the Grog Painting Trophy, which took place in the last November (Lucca Comics main miniature and modeling competition, actually one of the greatest and oldest of Italy).
    Fist of all, happy new year to all of you, thank you for your support on our website and on instagram, we wish you a great modeling 2018 ahead!

   I contested with them in the "Gaming Unit" competition and took the third place! I'm very happy about this result since this is the first time I competed in this trophy and I have seen my models side by side with some greater and coming from incredible artists, such as Sergio Calvo's Thor vs Hulk (which was the best in show eheh).

In real is better!
    I already decided to paint something dedicated to the competition for the next year, and I'm choosing the subject in these very days; for now I'm happy with the idea that my little wracks won a brand new trophy!

Don't look at my full Lone Wolf collection in the backdrop, I know that's awesome, but look at those ugly models, c'mon!
   Again a great year full of joy to all :)

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