Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Showcase Me!: Dark Eldar/Drukhari Succubus

"Friends and allies you call them?
Black-hearted traitors one and all, I say!
My reputation and my honor take precedence
 over their carping concerns.
I will pursue my vendettas as I will
For I am Vileth and I will not be constrained in my vengeance!"
- Duke Vileth to the fool Mecuto, in Ursyllas's Dispossessions

   Everything started with Dark Eldar... they were my first army and my first love. I started Warhammer back in '96 with Dwarves and High Elves but I was too young to understand what it could mean, at least for me. It was like throwing a little rock and wait in the following ten years to hear the avalanche incoming; and that avalanche started with Dark Eldar, a sort of revolution, a zero-point where my hobby became truly my Hobby.
    The new Drukhari codex is outstanding and, as I do any time a new Dark Eldar release pops out, I grabbed the occasion following inspiration and gaming to revamp and paint some of the hundreds of models I have from their range. 
    Today I have finally found some time to take a few good shots of my Succubus; her name is Vea Ulris and in my custom background she's the ruling lady of a major Cult called "of the Annihilation". Together with Illian Erya (Archon of my kabal, "the Masked Truth") and Valdamar Zatarblen (my Haemonculus from the Dark Creed coven) form what is called in Commorragh "The Trumvirate".

   Thanks for reading! Happy painting!

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