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How i did it: Ironjawz Gore-Gruntas

- Dude! Boars are only worth two experience points a piece. Do you know how many we would have to kill to get up 30 levels?

   Well, quote right above is quite true, talking about Elwyn Forest boars but it is not our case. Because THEY are not boars. They are f****** Gruntas! Actually i don't really know what they are:... ok you have stuff and background in the Ironjawz Battletome but i'm feeling the whole matter needs more time BUT they are huge, ferocious beasts tougher than a boar, and fit lovely under the new big orcs from GW, Ironjawz.

   First of all i have to move some criticism to GW... until now all the models i bought from AoS' range left me really satisfied, and Gruntas make no difference, they are amazingly sculpted, and design is awesome but... rider and steed are the same piece. Yes. I mean yes. To obtain the same outcome, if they had been different pieces, i'd spent half the time. Not talking about position! I use nine of them in my army so i have 3x3 rider quite similar, add that you have only two weapon choices using nine you'll have 3 (almost) damn blueprints on the table. 

   After this they are awesome... the best orcs i've seen in many years. Boars are a little static in their positions but gain strenght in the trade.

PART 1. Boars (Gruntas), Fur and Skin.

    I used a mild tone of brown for the fur, Gorthaur Brown from Citadel.

   Mechanicus Standard Grey (a standard grey as you deduce) for the skin.

   Then i washed everything with flesh shade, Reikland for me.

   Drybrushed the fur with:

-Gorthaur Brown
-Balor Brown (actually dark yellow)
-Karak Stone (a light brown, just on the raised areas and the longer fur under the mouth, belly, above the clogs etc.

   Drybrush skin with tones that you normally use for layer human skin, it's weird but works.

-Cadian Fleshtone (classic skin pink)
-Kislev Flesh (lighter classic skin pink)

PART 2. Armour Chipping.

   Ok, since i used the same way to weather armours for all my ironjawz army i refer you another two post for the fast chipping tutorial:

-Chipping on the Ardboyz, in the Speed Painting page.


PART 3. Orc Skin.

   Do the same here going to:

PART 4. Weapons, Bones, Leather and Details.

   Basecoat all the metal with Leadbelcher and only few details with Balthasar gold.

   Do the same with all the bones with Zandri Dust (light brown), tufts in blue (i chose blue to fit the color of my maw-krusha, Kartart), and all the leather and straps with a light beige, Rakarth Flesh for me.

   Wash with:

-Bones with dark brown
-Tufts with blue
-Leather with flesh (standard) wash.

   Layer some straps of the leathers with the same first color than edge highlight with almost-white color

    Drybrush all the metal with silver, Necron Compound for me.

   Add some rusty effect on the mail, i used Ryza Rust, technical form GW to make it faster.

   Layer with pure silver the weapons.

   Than layer bones and teeth with:

-Zandri Dust (the same basecoat)
-Ushabti Bone (cream)
-Screaming skull (light cream)

   Use water to make the colors smoother and each hand cover less surface, indulging on the edges.

PART 5. Base.

   After adding sand (i did this before primering of the model) drybrush, heavy, with Zandri Dust and than with Ushabti bone... highlight in dry with almost-white color.

   The final models:

   Thanks for reading!

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