Thursday, 10 November 2016

Point of RE-View: White Dwarf November 2016

   Very late this month due to my commitments, but finally arrived, WD's review for this month going to be a fast one! Don't get me wrong, the issue it's well packed and has few highlights very interesting... just to say an example they featured in depth not one, or two, but three of my favourite (and painted) armies, Ironjawz, Stormcast and Dark Eldar!

Table of contents:

No need to say that argument matter more in details is the new boxed game from HH, Burning of Prospero. A lot of insights for the factions involved, rules for HH board game, Illuminations around that particular time of the Heres and much much more.

Between all the new stuff pages stand out those of the new bases just realized... i'm already thinking about what to do with them in my projeccts, since they seem quite versatile and can easily add to wider base or debris.

Gift for this issue is for all PC gamer and lover of the Total War series, a huge add for any dwarven faction in a already striking game: the White Dwarf himself in all his beardiness, Grombrindal! Second gift is a 20% discount on buying the game if not already purchased. Good one!

Remaining in the video games world the army of the month features an IMMENSE army of Blood Ravens, from the great Dawn of War RTS from Relic... actually we can say that you have almost all the chapter showecased! Of course some background fro them, and this is not so foregone since Blood Ravens are very mysterous astartes indeed.

Steel meets steel they said twenty years ago... and this is the only thing jumped in mind  at first sight of the November's battle report. Three thousand points (balanced match) of Stormcast against Ironjawz and since i just finished a whole army of Ironjawz and currently working on SCE this is absolutely my page.

New content called "The General's Almanack" is a very interesting page about strategy in the Age of Sigmar balanced battle horizon.

Dark Eldar... my first love and largest 40k's army is in the spotlight for this month, in the background's page. Of course for Dark Kin veterans this is nothing but for all the rest of people that are unaware of our POWER is at least a begin... if you're aiming to know more, however, you can visit the Dark City itself! By the way the guide is very good, images are beautiful but the most important thing is: Dark Eldar had a sort of come back... 

Rules for the new SCE's hero, Lord Veritant:

...and a huge last part of the book featuring a lot of paint splatters, masterclass model, kitbashing and more, highlighting on the base with a very helpful color table!

Conclusion: WD November 16 is absolutely a good issue, better than its previous; helped and carry on maybe by the Burning of Propsero's release. Apart from that the book is very solid and usable, for both players (board games and video games this time) and painters and the two main pages (at least for me), Army of the Month and Battle Report are both very well done in November.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the delay!

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