Saturday, 29 October 2016

Weapon of Choice: Lifecolor Lichens and Moss

   Find something new, on internet, written in some blogs or just in a new store just visited, that lights on our fantasy is always good. We are all seeking new ways of painting and modelling, improving our methods and buying new stuff... especially buying new stuff, if it is the right stuff (something can't happens anytime, sadly), we can stride a lot in our path. 
   Recently, in a very small store hidden in the biggest city of my province, i found a Lifecolor set of paints to repeat lichens and moss on my models; price (and my fantasy) made it worth of buying, even just for a prove.

   In the box i found 4 kind of textures and 2 kind of fixer fluids. Textures range go from the darker to the lighter for three of them; the fourth is a sort of very cool autumn's ground.

   For example here we going to see the medium one texture mixed with the darker fluid. I experienced three ways to apply these effects:

-Mixing togheter before application
-Applying first texture and than fluid
-Applying first fluid and than texture

   In anycase you'll have to adjust a bit, adding texture or fluid if necessary. The best way for me, however, was the second choice.

    We are talking about dry textures so you'll need something to grab them and move on the model/base you want to custom... tweezers will be good!

   I applied textures on two pieces of cork just to try see the outcome.

   Then i took the fluid and started applying it on the texture... they'll stack to the brush but press on, few stripes and they come back down to the base.

   Color and volume changes and, once fluid dry, texture will remain on the model!

   I did the same with some other combinations

   Such are the darker with the darker:

   And the brighter with the brighter:

   After having been some good time trying all the combinations i chose two of them to put on a terrain model i was working on.

   The outcome was veeery good:

   The final model:

   For the making of the "Chaos Shrine" just above go here.
   Thanks for reading! 

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