Saturday, 26 November 2016

Point of RE-View: White Dwarf December 2016

 Good evening fellows! Not so late this time, we have our White Dwarf review for the month of December. Mostly of the issue is around and about Thousand Sons (alongside MAAAGNUS!!!) and THE expected specialist game of the year... of course i'm talking about Blood Bowl, one of the most successful board game in the whole GW's story, in its brand new issue!

Table of Contents:

   In "Planet Warhammer" you take a big insght of the new boardgame, and believe me, for that price seems to be very well packed. Especially seeing those minis (i'm already thinking about my orcish team... maybe linking them to my Ironjawz Asheaters!)

   Always helpful when guys from Nottingham decided to spend some of their time let us figure out something in the Black Library's jungle... Fortunately BL is really active, so we have anytime new releases to read but, folks, that amount of books can fill easily the fableb Alexandria's Library. Here we have a "map" for the War in Webway saga.

   Magnus the Red raised the details level of the recent GW's sculpts to its very top, and all Thousand Sons are equally well done... so it is not time anymore to complain about old and ugly models, you chaos players and modellers!

   Picture taken just to let you see how Magnus mini is HUGE!

   All right, brace yourselves, all the fictional stuff you can imagine are about to pop out in the most incredible fantasy-football-championship! We are about to have interviews, ladders, superbowl, and much much more in the next months!

   A striking come back for Blanche, in this issue. This time he managed to join togheter a lot of talented fools of his kind to make a diorama... with a story behind. Ah sorry of course it is not a normal diorama or a well painted diorama, it is a massive Blanchitsu.

   Don't get me wrong... i do love very much stormcast and i have a large army of them, almost full painted, but i am a bit disappointed by the month's army this time. Absolutely not for the model's and their paintjob, something very good, nor for the bg's behind this beautiful stormhost... simply i spent last month painting 47 stormcast models and i want out, now, or just for few weeks, as usual ;)

   No battle report in December, no battle report under the tree. Nope. Nada. Nulla. Instead you have a Match Report for Blood Bowl! I don't know you guys but i'm brutally in hype for the game atm and i'm loving this crazy fictional report! Alas humans won but all the thing is a touchdown!

   Rules, special rules, for specialist games and 40k, meant to special players and special situations. I liked especially 40k's tank brawl; i'm going to try it one of these days!

   Ok this is beautiful. A gigantic background section for the Crimson King (sorry for that link but i could not resist) himself, Magnus the Red. I love when wd featured more words than pictures, and this is the case.

   Trend about paint splatter and model masterclass remained in the same high quality seen in the last two issue so WD December is highly suggested for modellers and painter... beginner and not.

Final Thoughts: Damn... no gift this time! End.

Ok, now seriuos. Well this issue has two great, really great, power-ups: Blood Bowl and Thousand Sons, for these two reasons you can't miss your copy... blanchitsu is back too, just to add another big deal. Even if stylistically (at least to my eyes) seems better of the previous ones, and putting Blood Bowl and Magnus to one side, my final thoughts about december's issue are that of course worth buying but i felt it less interesting for the number of showcases contained, for models already seen elsewhere for us, pathological people. 

Outside this WD monthly era continuing to amuse and amaze!

Thanks for reading!

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