Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Showcase me!: Extremis Chamber Dracothian Guard (Desolators)

  - "Fight, Stormcasts!," Grymn snarled. "Only the faithful shall be victorius. Only the faithful shall see the spires of Sigmaron again. Fight, Fight! Fight!"
-Lord Castellant Lorrus Grymn, inciting Hallowed Knights
The Realmgate Wars - Ghal Maraz

   Hey folks!
   Just want to share with you my freshly painted Dracothian Guard Desolators, they are Guardians of the Ages' finest, as they serve among ranks of Time Templars, the stormhost only operative Extremis Chamber.
   Led in battle by Lord Celestant Aefandrun, they are a force both brutal and divine, the true retribution of the Heavens.

   Some making tips and links now, just to be sure!
   Leathers, especially when they are worn, are exciting (or boring sometimes!)... you may go on and on painting them and they'll never really finished. Have a look here for a brief tutorial for it, as well advices for battle-damaged armor and shields (made with Liquid Mask).

   For Dracoth's skin and features you can check here, or, for another version of blue-scales skin here.

   ...and remember, Sigmar was a warrior, was one of the most brutal and cunning warrior of the Old World, and Stormcast are made as a part of him. They do not fear nothing, so...

   Blood for the Thunder-God!
   Thanks for reading,

   Happy painting ;)

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