Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Showcase me!: Stormcast Eternals Errant-Questor

 -As he fought Theodrus spoke the names of his kith and kin, every man, woman and child amongst them. He let it steel him, his desire to avenge them keener than any sword [...] 
"Avenge them!" he cried, tears of grief and hate filling his eyes, unseen behind his impassive mask. "Avenge them!" 
  No amount of retribution would ever be enough, but on he slew.
The Realmgate Wars - War Storm

   Hi everybody, friends! I just finished painting my brand-new Errant-Questor and i really want to share him with you. This model has inspired me a lot, not for being a Warhammer World exclusive, nor because he's called "Errant" (who does not love a knight errant, come on), not for having a MASSIVE runeblade in his own hands or for the awesome rules... Actually it's just for the fact that he's got a face!
   A. Face. Not an helmet.
  Ok, let's go to the paintjob. I named him Rugard (of) Outerland, the Minstrel-knight, and he is going to be the most epic of all Guardians of the Ages (for now)!

hush, he's got head, just go on
Overall it was the sword that blew my mind, not the face

  Thanks for reading this and keep on painting!

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