Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Showcase me!: Cult Mechanicus Tech Priest Dominus

   Aye folks!
   Today I want to share my Ol' Tech Priest. I call him Silonus Kevil Shrike quoting from some of my favourite sci-fi series and books, Battlestar Galactica and Simmons' Hyperion and I painted him during the very day of his release, back in the first half of 2015, if I remember well. 
  The model blown my mind away... I saw it as a change of direction in GW's way of making miniatures, and I loved and love the new direction.

   This is also the first time I share here some of my works from Warhammer 40k range. Some of you might have thought that I paint and play only AoS/Fantasy but this is absolutely not  the truth. Things have occurred that we started this site during my MASSIVE hype for Age of Sigmar, nothing more.
   But I have, as many of you of course, hundreds of 40k miniatures, and I think I'll start to share them as well, even I'm not painting them atm.
   Let's go!

   I thought well to create his base as he's popping out, or walking above, a lot of junk machinery, in a proper grim dark way!

   Bits are from a few kits... Militarum Tempestus Scions, AdMech various stuff, Taurox and so on.

   I really love this piece in my collection and I hope you like it as well!

   Thanks for reading, and have a good day everyone!

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