Saturday, 25 March 2017

Showcase me!: Stormcast Eternals Vanguard-Raptors (Longstrike CB)

   -Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.
-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

   Good morning Mortal Realms!
  There were hard times here in the Chamber (at least for me)... in the last 3 weeks, because of this mortal coil, I decided to change gaming club and store, moving to a new and very crowded one in Florence and I spent a LOT of time and energy meeting new players, playing games with them, exchanging painting thoughts and stuff, just to be, as soon as possible, part of the new community I discovered.
   This, alongside my job and family, kept me away from my painting table... but not for long. Recently Sigmar reforged me as one of his Knight-Painters, even I hadn't noticed it, in a manner of speaking, and tasked me to paint a new chamber. 

   So welcome aboard on one of the last Stormcast painting journey. Guardians of the Ages have a new Auxiliary Chamber, Vanguard Epoch Hounds, here the first little post, showcases Vanguard Raptors, more to come!

   My Vanguard project involves around 30 miniatures. There'll be 10 Hunters, 1 Lord, 3 Palladors, 6 Raptors and 6 Aetherwings, in first instance; while maybe in the future I might add 3 more raptors and 3 more Aetherwings.

   Here we have the very first unit of the chamber, Vanguard Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows, alongside their loyal winged battle companions!

   I really loved painting them, in particular Aedtherwings. They are, somehow, something different and when you're painting so many tin-men you really welcome any sort of change.
   I painted them very fast and in quite similar tones; my goal this time was to have movement, depth, using only one colour (and his shades).

   A final thought staggered me as I put one of my Stormcast near to a not-so-old 40k miniature, one Tempestus Scion... how bigger he damn is?? 

   GW changed drastically the scale berween this two games... in these very days Adepticon is taking place in Chicago, I'm really looking forward to see the news for the future of 40k.

   Thanks for reading!

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