Saturday, 8 July 2017

Showcase Me!: Blood Bowl Human and Goblin Teams

   Hi folks! 
   Today, and during these weeks, I'm very busy with my main job (I'm running a restaurant on the hills of Tuscany so, you know, in July, with a lot of sun, it means a lot of customers) so I'm posting just a brief showcase for my Blood Bowl teams; just to let the world know I'm not dead and my BB project goes on! Soon we'll have a goblin tutorial and a troll tutorial but for now, behold!
   I present you Talisa's Revenants, and Rotten Wood's Manglers!

    Secret and special weapons for goblins have been fully modified and kitbashed/made with putty. In the upcoming tutorial we'll speak of those processes too.

   The Troll, it was matter of love, for me. Painting greenskins is always a matter of love.

   I painted my Talisa's Revenants fitting my Stormcast Eternals scheme.


   Thanks for reading this, and have a great Saturday!

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