Wednesday, 28 December 2016

How i did it: Knight-Venator

   -Do you want me to take him down, or would you rather send in more guys for him to beat up?
Clint Barton

   I learned to fear Knight-Venators during last local tournament i played for him has been able to took me down general in the blink of an eye; but venators are not only really dangerous attacking, they have survive ability having major movement capacities, a very good armor (saving 3+) and a huge starring air that can lead your opponent into the deepest annoyance (especially after killing you general in just-one-shot)
   Oh well, it is not a tactical corner anyway, but i think i was going to explain why i decided to add a sort of dashboard moving puppet, you know, ones with those quivering big heads atop of small springs, 'cause he's massively fragile. Personally i don't like wings' sculpt so much but his unequivocal power on the battlefield moved me over. After all i'm a player too.

   In this post we'll have a brief wings' tutorial, where we'll see how to make blue-metal shades in just-one-shot (or almost), exactly the same manner he teared down my general, BOOOM! For the making of the armour, weathering and in general for a more complete stormcast eternals tutorial i refer you to this page, where i laid the foundations of the color scheme and overall look of the entire army, Guardians of The Ages.

Coat with metal; Leadbelcher for me, than follow all the steps showed here for the armor atop of the rays.

Take a blue wash (very dark if possible) and a medium solution and starti mixing toghter... ratio of 1:1 it would be good for start...

Apply alll over the rays leaving color to pile near the armour. Repeat the process one or two times until you are satisfied.

 Highlights rays with silver, drybrush will be good.

Add a solution of 1:1 medium-blue glaze (Guilliman blue in my case) always leaving pile in the recesses; you can use multiple coat but it's very important to remain smooth, as you make a mistake in this step will be very hard to come back. Just, reach blue shade you like and than add some further highlight in silver.

Final model:

For the making of the armour go here.

Thanks for reading!

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