Friday, 9 December 2016

Showcase me!: Ironjawz

  Good morning fellow painters! My painting journey through ironjawz is over, or at least for the moment... by and large it has been one of mine most important painting project so far, being the first painting project for the blog and the first i've done for Age of Sigmar.
    So, i thought my Asheaters deserved one more post, just to showcase them and serve as an index for all their previous (and several!) posts. 
    Thanks again for all of you followed us during last months!

Megaboss on Maw-krusha

For the making of the base and the maw-krusha please visit post 1, and post 2
For background section go here
For the boss here

Weirdnob Shaman

You can find background here
Tutorial for the skin here


Full tutorial here




Full tutorial here


Speed painting tutorial here


For that little blackling hiding behind the Maw-krusha you can, if you dare, visit this page

   A final thought: i decided to write a post for their Battletome, for those orruks just showcased above are, and have been, really powerful on the battlefield, proven in the heat of a championship, eventually winning it!

   Thanks for reading and be ready for the next incoming AoS project about Stormcast Eternals, while keeping an eye on the parallel Khorne Bloodbound project, in progress this very days!

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