Saturday, 22 April 2017

How I did it: Militarum Tempestus Scion

  - I am Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, your senior drill instructor. From now on you will speak only when spoken to, and the first and last words out of your filthy sewers will be "Sir". Do you maggots understand that?
- Full Metal Jacket

   I know that it's been almost one month since the last post of the Chamber (and this surely is our longest blank time so far), but hey! Here we are, rocking and modeling as usual! I've painted a lot of things in this month and Francesco hasn't been idle either, completing for now his massively personal Bloodbound reading; I'm sure we will see soon enough the last chapter of his blood adventure.
   Talking about me, I can say that I've finished painting my Stormcast Vanguard Chamber from my mighty Guardians of the Ages stormhost and very soon I'll start too a series of post depicting them, the "Epoch Hounds": with tutorials, fluff and showcases.

   For now I'd like to share with you an easy tutorial about Militarum Tempestus; a friend of mine, from the new club where I'm playing atm, challenged me in a 40k Maelstrom Match vs his Necrons... so I decided to dust off one of my armies and get over my donkey waiting for a new edition of my (once) favoured boardgame. Funnily, to complete that army and play full painted (as this boy is a painting machine as well as me) I miss just one model, a Tempestor. 
   So I painted him in 2 hours the night before the game in the same way I had painted all the rest of the army, nearly 3 years ago. 

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Showcase me!: Stormcast Eternals Vanguard-Raptors (Longstrike CB)

   -Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.
-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

   Good morning Mortal Realms!
  There were hard times here in the Chamber (at least for me)... in the last 3 weeks, because of this mortal coil, I decided to change gaming club and store, moving to a new and very crowded one in Florence and I spent a LOT of time and energy meeting new players, playing games with them, exchanging painting thoughts and stuff, just to be, as soon as possible, part of the new community I discovered.
   This, alongside my job and family, kept me away from my painting table... but not for long. Recently Sigmar reforged me as one of his Knight-Painters, even I hadn't noticed it, in a manner of speaking, and tasked me to paint a new chamber. 

   So welcome aboard on one of the last Stormcast painting journey. Guardians of the Ages have a new Auxiliary Chamber, Vanguard Epoch Hounds, here the first little post, showcases Vanguard Raptors, more to come!

Friday, 10 March 2017

How I did it: Khorne Khorgorath

-You're gonna need a bigger boat. -

The Khorgorath is a strange model.
It has some of the most intriguing bits I've ever seen for a "starting kit" and, at the same time, some of the silliest.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Showcase me!: Cult Mechanicus Tech Priest Dominus

   Aye folks!
   Today I want to share my Ol' Tech Priest. I call him Silonus Kevil Shrike quoting from some of my favourite sci-fi series and books, Battlestar Galactica and Simmons' Hyperion and I painted him during the very day of his release, back in the first half of 2015, if I remember well. 
  The model blown my mind away... I saw it as a change of direction in GW's way of making miniatures, and I loved and love the new direction.

Friday, 3 March 2017

The Mewperor's business...

This is meant as a strict follow up post to my brother's last report of Bastet McPaw's adventures...

For all ye Inquisitorial types... Suffer not the witch to live!

Bastet's Corner - Baptism (Pursuit)

Mission Entry: None
Log Entry N°: #01/001

Day 01, Hour??

Well, curses.

The amount of curses my brain is making up out of nothing is impressive. The further I dash across this woods, trying not to lose sight of that creature while doing my best to avoid contact with... well, basically anything else, the more I tend to believe I'm trying to cope with a weasel, rather than a rat. Or, whatever that thing might be. Its agility is well beyond impressive, even for someone like me. Granted, the suit isn't exactly helping right now, but even if I was just wearing a normal one, I would still have quite a hard time in keeping pace.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Showcase me!: Extremis Chamber Dracothian Guard (Desolators)

  - "Fight, Stormcasts!," Grymn snarled. "Only the faithful shall be victorius. Only the faithful shall see the spires of Sigmaron again. Fight, Fight! Fight!"
-Lord Castellant Lorrus Grymn, inciting Hallowed Knights
The Realmgate Wars - Ghal Maraz

   Hey folks!
   Just want to share with you my freshly painted Dracothian Guard Desolators, they are Guardians of the Ages' finest, as they serve among ranks of Time Templars, the stormhost only operative Extremis Chamber.
   Led in battle by Lord Celestant Aefandrun, they are a force both brutal and divine, the true retribution of the Heavens.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

How i did it: Lord Celestant on Dracoth

   - You are my avengers! You are all, each one, warriors who cursed chaos with your last breath! Who called upon me for strenght, not salvation. Strenght! And I answered.
Sigmar addressing Celestial Vindicators
The Realmgate Wars - Storm of Blades

   My personal journey through Stormcast Eternals' dimension go on, reading books, playing tournaments, writing background stories and, of course, painting them. Painting the Guardians of The Ages, my custom stormhost. 
   These are very good times for them; these very days their second Battletome will come out, and many new models are about to join the fray, and the battle for the Mortal Realms, such as the Vanguard Hunters. I'm already planning a new Chamber, but first I wanted to finish the Extremis one, so I bought my first two Dracothian Guards and painted them in few days: tomorrow I'll have the second box of them and, waiting to find enough inspiration for the Stardrake, I'll surely hurl them on the tabletop in my never-ending campaign against a friend of mine who plays the Bloodbound.
   So I decided to share with you a brief tutorial about Guardians' dracoths. Soon we'll move forward to the new range so the time is right.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

How I did it: Khorne Bloodstoker

"Chalkface", the butcher

-Ears and noses will be the trophies of the day. But no hand shall touch him.-
Bill Cutting

When I saw the Bloodstoker for the first time I was puzzled. How was this chubby fellow supposed to fit between the ranks of an army where even the so-called-priests look like Dwayne Johnson's cousins? 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Showcase me!: Stormcast Eternals Errant-Questor

 -As he fought Theodrus spoke the names of his kith and kin, every man, woman and child amongst them. He let it steel him, his desire to avenge them keener than any sword [...] 
"Avenge them!" he cried, tears of grief and hate filling his eyes, unseen behind his impassive mask. "Avenge them!" 
  No amount of retribution would ever be enough, but on he slew.
The Realmgate Wars - War Storm

   Hi everybody, friends! I just finished painting my brand-new Errant-Questor and i really want to share him with you. This model has inspired me a lot, not for being a Warhammer World exclusive, nor because he's called "Errant" (who does not love a knight errant, come on), not for having a MASSIVE runeblade in his own hands or for the awesome rules... Actually it's just for the fact that he's got a face!
   A. Face. Not an helmet.
  Ok, let's go to the paintjob. I named him Rugard (of) Outerland, the Minstrel-knight, and he is going to be the most epic of all Guardians of the Ages (for now)!

hush, he's got head, just go on

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Bastet's Corner - Baptism (Prelude)

Mission Entry: None
Log Entry N°: #01/001

Day 01, Hour 2235

Do you believe in Fate?

Do you think that prophecies, premonitions, and everything that goes with them, is it all to be considered of any value?

Do you think that things happen because they simply have to happen, that everything is predetermined, in spite of personal effort?

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Imago: Octavius Baptist

-That then, is loveliness, we said,
Children in wonder watching the stars,
Is the aim and the end.

Being but men, we walked into the trees.

Dylan Thomas, Poet

Octavius Baptist, Ordo Xeno's psyker


Act I

Day one, Jactura

"The only way not to breathe the fog, is not to breathe" You would say, my beloved Lord and friend, Nicolas; and Your sentence suits perfectly to Verno's weather. Don't You think it is quite odd that this 
planet's name means, in ancient Terran, 'spring', while its elements behave as death?

Friday, 20 January 2017

How I did it: Khorne Blood Warriors

They just want you to try and stop them...

-Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!

I know, I know... but lend me your hear: I have a proposition.
I will skip the part when I start complaining and crying about my curiously time consuming last months (trust me, there's material for a couple of movies) and I'll just get straight to these little fellas.
Believe it or not, the amount of time effectively spent "per miniature" on these Blood Warriors has been quite limited, compared with the endless Bloodreavers.
From a certain point of view, the structure and the overall combination of parts and materials on the miniature is less chaotic, but at the end, it's all because of the sculpt, far more precise and detailed even if we're talking about the starter kit version. Clearly a couple more of detachable heads and arms would have been much easier to paint, but I'll have more time on the other guys waiting in the box.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Background Backdoor: Guardians of The Ages

  - Among my people, when I had a people, it was said that a man who had never felt fear was one who had never truly lived. [...] The fear of starvation, of daemons in the night. The fear of pain, as your enemy's blade draws close. The fear of... surviving, where others died. -

  I paint models only after deciding who they are, where they come from, which battles they have won and how, and which ones they've lost and why. Sometimes I create traditions, history, words with particular meanings and more... I know that many of us do the same, making wonderful backgrounds for our battles and campaigns on the tabletop. Well, this is our corner!

   In this occasion we are going to see how, and why, a human tribe lost millennia ago in the waves of time, the Aefar, has been chosen by Sigmar himself to become a powerful Stormhost. Named Guardians of The Ages, they bear a strange bond with an ancient Realmgate: the Chrono Gate of Hysh, ultimately a Time's threshold.

Aefandrun Bear of Esca, Time Templars Lord-Celestant, with Veive, his merciless dracoth


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Leaving the Chamber: Marnaldur spotted on White Dwarf January!

   Wow! Marnaldur Gaze of Mork, my beloved Megaboss on Maw-krusha, and Asheaters leader, has been published on White Dwarf January! They've wrote my name uncorrect but there's no actually way to question its paternity, i believe.

   I want to extend my deepest gratitude for all the support i received from the growing modeling community around us; i think this is a great way to start the new year and a chance to get better in the next works.

   Happy new year from the Chamber!
   May the Mewmperor protects you in 2017!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Ludicrous Speed: Stormcast Gryph-hound

- I'll be there for you.

  It's been a while since the last time but our speed painted corner is here again, more important than ever! We all want to have painted minis on our tabletops and battlefields so better to know few tricks to make all the easier, when we're struggling for a good looking force but ain't aiming to win a Golden Demon with them!

   So, it's time for a ludicrous speed post for a ludicrous speed painted miniature; in the planned Guardians of The Ages army we've got on the desk a well known model of last generation, made for the first time in Warhammer Quest's Silver Tower and then put aside Lord Castellant and Veritant as loyal and mindful companion: Gryph-hound!

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Bastet's Corner - Operation: Smilebringer

Mission Entry: Extraction Rendezvous
Log Entry N°: #03/001

Day 10, Hour 2135

The sky is clear. There's a big, bright, full moon towering above the landscape, giving a peaceful, almost mystical, air to the moment. The snowstorm is now well past, leaving room for a gentle, if cold, breeze. As I glance down the valley, I play with my breath, letting puffs flow, big and small. The remains of the camp down below show no sign of last night's events. Had I been asked, no longer than ten days ago, that this would have been the outcome, I would have laughed my ass off. Boy, what a fool I would have been.

They should be here pretty soon. Better go check on the others and see if they're ok. I guess they'll be more than happy to meet their comrade, and leave all this behind them.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

How i did it: Knight-Venator

   -Do you want me to take him down, or would you rather send in more guys for him to beat up?
Clint Barton

   I learned to fear Knight-Venators during last local tournament i played for him has been able to took me down general in the blink of an eye; but venators are not only really dangerous attacking, they have survive ability having major movement capacities, a very good armor (saving 3+) and a huge starring air that can lead your opponent into the deepest annoyance (especially after killing you general in just-one-shot)
   Oh well, it is not a tactical corner anyway, but i think i was going to explain why i decided to add a sort of dashboard moving puppet, you know, ones with those quivering big heads atop of small springs, 'cause he's massively fragile. Personally i don't like wings' sculpt so much but his unequivocal power on the battlefield moved me over. After all i'm a player too.

   In this post we'll have a brief wings' tutorial, where we'll see how to make blue-metal shades in just-one-shot (or almost), exactly the same manner he teared down my general, BOOOM! For the making of the armour, weathering and in general for a more complete stormcast eternals tutorial i refer you to this page, where i laid the foundations of the color scheme and overall look of the entire army, Guardians of The Ages.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

A merry model Christmas to everybody!!

Hi everybody!

On behalf of all the crew here at this little infant blog, let me give you our best wishes for a safe and merry Christmas! Be with your loved ones, stuff your belly and most of all have fun.We know we will! And may the grots not steal anything from underneath your Xmas trees!

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

How i did it: Stormcast Eternals Liberators

   -This is where we hold them! This is where we fight! This is where they die!
-King Leonidas

   OOOOK! I'm really excited about this... my latest project, lasted about two months, involved Stormcast Eternals, as you can easily argue by the picture, and has been something heroic; 47 models in less than, actually, 30 days in one of the most intensive time of the whole year for my business but, believe me, i've been boosted by them, Stormcasts. Although i was sceptic in first instance at the time they've been made (by and large 1 year ago, maybe few months more, am i wrong?) i had to think again and get back on my steps because, whatever shall be the angle through you are going to see them, or evaluate them, they're going to be EPIC. They are epic to paint, imagine, built, play.
   You can think of them as mighty Riders of the Storm and get back to teen's (although would be better the "on" version ;P) or have them in full cinematic stance, just childish when you are going to crush ANY opponent on the table top, or dramatic as anything else, as they descend from heavens on a desperate world to fight horrors, eternally. 
    So... i'm very proud to present you the Guardians of The Ages, my personal and custom Stormhost that, as you'll can see in the future lurking the blog, have been actually caught somewhere in time and picked up from a distant age by Sigmar himself to better serve in the raging war against Chaos.
   However in this post we'll talking of the making of them, not their background; in particular we'll see how to make Liberators, exploring metal-shade-armours, non conventional battle-damaged shields, fast but effective basing using powders alongside the old classical and brown worn-out leather. Let's start!

Elke's Temple Liberators with Sigmarite Shields and Warhammers